Most social-service organizations are funded according to a count of their activities, or outputs. A nonprofit dedicated to fighting homelessness is likely to be paid according to how many people they shelter on a given night. Their funding – despite their mission and passion – doesn’t drive a focus on outcomes, such as how many people move into permanent housing, or progress against the root causes of homelessness.

We are among the pioneering voices encouraging a shift in the US social sector, toward a system in which funding is increasingly tied to the ability to demonstrate that high-quality social services produce results for those in need.

NFF is working proactively on many fronts to inform and propel this shift.

NFF and Outcomes
  • We’re helping nonprofits prepare to measure and be funded based on outcomes.
  • We consult on and invest in projects, education, and outreach for Pay for Success, a vanguard of outcomes-based funding (visit our Learning Hub:
  • We’re financing organizations that are part of the increasing focus on health outcomes.
  • We’re helping community-based human-services providers explore outcomes-oriented partnerships with healthcare organizations.
  • We’re partnering with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco to publish a book and drive nationwide dialogue around what it takes to move the social sector toward outcomes.